Orchard - Dolls House Puzzle

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A lovely, big, house-shaped puzzle with lots going on in every room. This puzzle, approximately 61cms x 42cms when complete, is beautifully illustrated with lots of detail and plenty to talk about. It has just 25 pieces, so is particularly suited to children aged between 3 and 6. Before starting the puzzle, you can encourage your child to look for pieces with different things on: can you find a piece with a chimney? Can you see a piece with a cat on? Can you see a piece with something green on? Later, when the puzzle is complete, you will see many things going on in the picture to talk about: what room is the broom in? What colour is the teddy bear on the bed? How many animals can you see in the house? What is in the bowl on top of the fridge? The picture is full of lots of familiar household objects that children will be able to identify from their own home. There is an activity guide on the base of the box to suggest other ways of extending the play value of the puzzle. The puzzle is made from thick, durable recycled board, so will give many years of fun. It can help children with literacy skills by encouraging them to talk about what they can see, and it is designed to encourage hand-eye co-ordination.

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