Lorena Canals - Washable Rug Big Big World


Take the Mr. Wonderful universe to the kid’s room or to any other corner of the house with the new and adorable collection of washable rugs Sweet & Cozy, from Mr. Wonderful by Lorena Canals.

New designs inspired by children’s imaginative universe that become fun decorating items, bringing kids rooms to life, with a sweet and cozy touch. Decorate playful environments in which not-so-little kids can enjoy fun times at home letting the magic remain even outside of their dreams!

Handmade with natural cotton and non-toxic dyes. Also, they can be washed in a conventional washing machine! Mites will be kept at bay with these washable rugs that will make your day to day more practical and comfortable.


  • Domestically washable easy to wash, and can be washed in a conventional washing machine.
  • Handmade carefully handmade one by one, and in a traditional way.
  • Eco-friendly Natural cotton and nontoxic dyes.
  • Light thanks to their soft and flexible composition.
  • Easy to combine you can combine it with other elements to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.
  • 97% Cotton 3% other fibres Base: Recycled cotton
  • Size 40 in